Pyrokinesis, famously known as Pyro is the annual cultural fest of Assam Engineering College (AEC), Guwahati. It is a four-day-long event held at the end of February every year. The 4 days of Pyrokinesis are more than a festival, it is an experience beyond words. From lustrous concerts to rollicking events, from fashion shows to performances by world-renowned artistes, Pyro has it all!! The festival has reached a milestone in celebrating talent. The previous editions of this 4 day long euphoria have been larger than life. Pyro is back again this year with a plethora of events catering to every taste. So, welcome one and all to this fun and action packed journey. Welcome to Pyrokinesis!!!


"The past beats inside me like a second heart."
                              -Jhon Banville
Since the beginning of our universe the wheels of time have kept on moving. We, but as mere spectators, were lucky enough to get a short ride on this eternal Caravan. But nonetheless, the ride was a resplendent and dazzling one. This awesome ride or as one can say our 'past' plays an important role in our lives and mere remeniscence of it leaves us nostalgic , spellbound and with a sweet taste of happiness lingering somewhere inside us. The memories of our childhood hold an even more unique place in our hearts. They are the rays of sunshine on a cloudy day, or a cute puppy you saw on the street, or a packet of chocolates. They are the feel good stuff. And among the infinite childhood memories Cherished by an uncountable number of people, the memories created and cherished by our generation as a whole are somewhat distinct. We are the last generation born in the 90's. Remember the time when getting ready for school wasn't a fuss, when homework was our biggest tension, when bed time seemed like a punishment, when Shaktimaan taught us life lessons, when people weren't glued onto their screen, when rasna sweetened up our lives, when The list is unending, so is the the nostalgia. We at pyro '19 look forward to sparking the same nostalgia inside you. With a theme of Fiesta-De-90's: Nostalgia Of The Golden Era get ready to relive your childhood, to dabble in excitement and experience 4 days of pure enjoyment. Leave behind your worries as we take you on a journey, so grand and nostalgic, the sweetness of your childhood will linger around for years to come.


Main Events

Being motivated at every work is crucial for one's performance. To help you stay motivated and boost your self-esteem, Vis-a-Vis brings you a platform providing live interaction with great personalities. You don't want to miss the opportunity!!


When tunes and beats synapse with your grooves, set yourself the stage into the wild and let loose oneself into the mystical numbers with our EDM night.Make sure to remember your moves, 'cause Pyrokynesis '19 is back and it is ready to thrill you beyond your imaginations.

EDM Night

"Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life". So, we are back to gladden and enliven our spirits with a healthy dose of Bollywood masala, with CYNOSURE. Get ready to do the thumkas in this jamboree of music, dance and entertainment.





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